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About Our Agency

We are an agency that is passionate about video and create visually stunning, emotionally compelling, intellectually engaging videos that captures the hearts, minds and most importantly the attention of your targeted audience.

We use the latest technologies and enterprise grade tools to ensure your videos will be cutting edge innovative videos that will crush your competition and get you massive results.

Why do you need Videos ...

Videos Engage Viewers -Not only do videos grab people's attention, They strike a
deep connection and illicit strong emotional responses that make people want to share, comment, and like. Videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined


The Types of Engagement Video we can do for you ...

Capturing Client Attention is Key to
growing Your Business

3'SEC That's how long you have to capture someone's attention before you lose them.
Impression Video or Pattern Interrupt Video can help you grab visitors attention instantly...

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Why Work With Us?

We are full-cycle agency that helps you not just create professional videos but can also help you distribute your videos on social platform to help you get more leads, sales and profits through cutting edge Social Video Dashboard..

Grow Your Business with Interactive Videos

We are launching our Social Video Marketplace to help your product and services engage your audiences and motivates them to convert instantly into a paying customer!

Marcus Lim Marcus Lim, Realestate Consultant

Real estate business is a highly competitive industry in my country. Having to constantly market my property listings and services require a high budget. I started using Videos recently to share and distribute Real estate Investment opportunities on major social platforms. The results were Amazing! I've since attracted new sellers AND buyers, went from just 1-2 leads a month to over 30 leads a month just online. Really grateful to StorySell but a little reluctant to share these tools as it is so cost-effective and easy to use as compared with the rest.

Lisa Wong Lisa Wong, Financial Advisor

Frankly I was skeptical and shy to use video marketing but Silvia really helped me to remove my barriers as there is a strong purpose and sharing my story on why I'm in this trade as a financial advisor so it is very natural for me. I really love the video and the complete turnkey solutions that Storysell provides for me. The short video helps me to stand out and set my services different from the rest.  Most important, I need NOT learn complex social media marketing and do roadshows or telemarketing yet have cold leads coming to me for advice and booking calls with me on a regular basis.

Sean Lim Sean Lim, Mobile Repair Owner

As a small business owner, I constantly have to think of ways to attract footfall/ traffic and leads to our shop. So we only use promotions to drive sales however it is tough these days with ecommerce and online platforms where customers are savvy enough to find the best buys. Thanks to Silvia from StorySell who helps me in positioning my brand and the video containing authentic reviews on our services gave us many positive feedback with new sales and returning customers!

Dawn Chua Dawn Chua, Math Tutor

I have gained so much from the video Storysell created for me. From learning CTAs (call-to-action) and giving value in each video really helps me to gain online followers and new students/ parents who have found my tutoring helpful for their kids. Most of all, I'm excited on the new possibilities of taking my business to a new level where my students can benefit more with online support and e-learning, a new norm in education today and I am ahead of others.

Annabel Annabel , Freelance Yoga Teacher

I have just started and shared the video created by StorySell and many has commented how energizing our yoga facilitation and the welcoming private space to practice in, compared with the larger studios have to offer. Video is such a wonderful way to showcase our uniqueness, the small community of students as well as the exclusive and relaxing space we practice in.  We filled our limited class size and capacity within a week.

Kim Kim, Professional Wedding Photographer

I used to think paying good money for a long video production would benefit any brand or business however, customers have very limited time, and patience unless there is a good reason or story behind it. Learning and using StorySell, I'm using short videos to impress on my customers, focus on the benefits and attracting more attention on my works. Now 80% of my enquiries comes from these videos.